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Azwel is a project that involves songwriter Jason Perrillo and the live band.  For the past 20 years, Jason has gained online success recording and producing independently released albums in his New York studio.  He describes the music as melodic, eclectic catchy pop/rock with songs that are influenced by various styles of music. The sound is often compared to britpop/rock artists.  The live band consists of Joe Lorge (guitar/backing vocals) Gregg Steele (bass/backing vocals) and Johnny Zaletel (drums/percussion) 


A debut album was completed in 2003. The styles have changed from one album to the next with a wide array of instrumentation from electric/acoustic guitars to various electric pianos, organs, brass, woodwind and strings. The albums are released under the bands own Azwel label.


"Perrillo calls his music "interesting melodic pop," an understatement to say the least. That's like calling Jimi Hendrix's music "unusual rock." - NY Newsday


Azwel's music is always filled with interesting chord progressions, catchy melodies and thought-out arrangements. Jason plays a few different instruments and has a lot of live and studio experience with his own music as well as being a producer and casual session keyboard/guitarist for other acts.

Most of the albums are available to download for free on the official website with the choice of optional donations depending on how much the listener enjoys the album.  The music is available on all the other popular streaming website, but the best source always comes from via the bandcamp server as the mixes are occasionally reworked. Over the years, Jason has also collaborated with many other online artists and has a project in the works with Argentinian pop artist, Julian Murias.


Throughout the years Azwel's songs have been reviewed online and have gotten very positive feedback on various blogs, radio stations as well as some very positive reviews from major publications such as the New York Newsday. Azwel's songs have also been featured in Hollywood major motion pictures(Let The Game Begin), independent film soundtracks, and compilations put together by several international independent labels. The video for recent single, "At the End of the Day"  was illustrated and directed by Hazard Studios and was an official selection at the Jim Thorpe Film Festival in 2018.  It also won a Spotlight Award at the "Elevation Indie Film Awards. in 2018."   


Azwel's most recent album entitled,"The Drifting Game" which expands the sound even further. It has been on rotation all over college radio and has been receiving excellent feedback from both critics and fans:


"Jason Perrillo is truly a genius as he streamed the thirteen songs collectively into one album. He has cleverly shown his knowledge and expertise in musical instruments as he keeps changing the instrumental arrangement in the background according to the intensity and depth of the lyrics and vocals for the songs."  Skope Magazine

"Most everyone who tries to go after this genre just imitates and recreates what's already been done. What we get here is something new. There's traces of influence, but the sound is genuine." -


"Azwel’s “From Now On” is studious, well-crafted pop made perfect. " - Skope Magazine


"If you are looking for a beautiful album that is both soothing and catchy, this is the record for you." - Gashouse Radio


You can download it on this site in the Albums/Download section







Live lineup:

Jason Perrillo (Vocals/keyboards/guitar)

Joe Lorge (guitar/backing vocals)

Gregg Steele (bass/backing vocals)

John Zaletel (drums/percussion)

James Murray (keys/trumpet/guitar/ backing vocals)

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