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Album review: "Halcyon" Review

Sept 1, 2020

Halcyon from New York rocker Azwel is a fantasy album with a melodic journey from start to finish. This Brit pop inspired record tells an odyssey of sound and lyrical wordplay with electronic tones and classic instrumentals. Standout tracks include the unique shanty "Scourge of the Seven Seas" and the ethereal ballad "Unanswered Questions." This eclectic project is enhanced by seasoned musicians with a message that can't be compared to any contemporary rock acts. With soothing sounds and storytelling methods from experienced artists, Azwel proves their talent with Halcyon for a complete experience into innovative music and entertainment.


- Evangeline W., Freelance Music Reviewer

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Album review: "Mind Caliber"Review (Beach Sloth)

Jul1 1, 2019

“Mind Caliber” proves Azwel’s extreme versatility creating an entire journey through a deeply felt powerful series of character studies.

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Album review: "Mind Caliber"Review (Twist Media)

Jul1 1, 2019

It really sets the bar higher, showcasing Azwel’s willingness to experiment with new ideas and creative solutions.

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Album review: "Mind Caliber"Review (Original

Jul1 1, 2019

This album is highly imaginative and expansive in its outlook; Jason Perillo is quite possibly a one-off, this is one pigeon you cannot put in a hole.

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Album review: "The Elastic Journey" Review (Skope)

Sept 18, 2017 |

The new album, The Elastic Journey, comprises of thirteen songs which are absolutely different from each other. The album seems like a collage of various thoughts and emotions with a completely different set of rhythmic melody and various musical notes from a variety of instruments. The lyrics are catchy and spontaneous and keep the listener interested and curious for the next.

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Album review: "From Now On" Review (ModernRockReview)

Apr 10, 2015 | | 


The album features mellow-toned compositions which use an array of instrumentation and approaches to forge this interesting and diverse record.

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Album review: "From Now On" Review (Good Night Magazine)

Jan 30, 2015 | Good Night Magazine | 


Azwel takes listeners on a journey of slow and fast-tempo songs that weave a welcomed journey of mantras and colloquialisms that keep you interested in From Now On, their latest LP.

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Album review: From Now On (Leonard's Lair)

Nov 28, 2014 | Leonard's Lair | 


Clearly, Perrillo is establishing himself as a songwriter on his own merits and he is an imaginative arranger too; embellishing his reliably fine melodies with a plethora of instruments.
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Album Review: From Now On (

Aug 22, 2014 | Craig Reviews Music | 


" From Now On is a pleasure to listen to, delightful and thoughtful, with honest heart behind it."

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Album Review: From Now On (ELOB-Beatles Forever Blog)

Aug 22, 2014 | ELO Beatles Forever | 


"it was my great pleasure to have listen or three and put forth my thoughts on the release. ELO are listed amongst the influences for Azwel and this is evident in places with fantastic chord progressions and arrangements throughout this very finely crafted collection of songs"

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Single Review: He's Out On A Limb

Aug 20, 2014 | Earthlings | 


"Out On A Limb”, the single I’m posting here, is more sunshine-y than I expected. But there are interesting things going on here. The layers are thought out and the result is surprisingly magical"

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Album Review: From Now On (

Aug 13, 2014 | | 


" Most everyone who tries to go after this genre just imitates and recreates what's already been done. What we get here is something new. There's traces of influence, but the sound is genuine."

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Album Review: From Now On, (Skope Magazine)

Aug 12, 2014 | Skope Magazine | 


"Azwel’s “From Now On” is studious, well-crafted pop made perfect. "

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Album Review: From Now On (Gashouse Radio)

Aug 10, 2014 | Gashouse Radio | 


"If you are looking for a beautiful album that is both soothing and catchy, this is the record for you."

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Single Review- Out on a Limb (Review Rhino)

Aug 7, 2014 | Review Rhino | 


"Superb melodies and listener awareness. Azwel creates an easy pop folk tune that you can let repeat a few times! 4.5/5"

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La chanson du jour:(Song of the Day) Azwel - Convelesence- Life is a Ministrone Blog

Jul 30, 2014 | | 


"Le morceau "Convelesence" se détache avec son ambiance plus sombre, son piano et ses cordes lancinantes."
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Newsday Review(an old review but goodie)

May 7, 2004 | Newsday | 


"Perrillo calls his music "interesting melodic pop," an understatement to say the least. That's like calling Jimi Hendrix's music "unusual rock."

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Goodtimes Mention: Best of Reverbnation

Album review: "XV" Review

May 18, 2021

AZWEL is a multi-talented artist crafting music which is food for the soul. This delightful collection of thirteen tracks showcase his versatility as a musician and songwriter, as well as excellent craftsmanship at the heart of it all. The fruits of AZWEL's labour of love are here for all to enjoy, and this album will uplift, soothe and move you.

- Curious

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