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In an area where sounding commercial is almost unavoidable, Azwel has managed to sculpt a fresh surface over classic vintage sounds. The solo project's melodic indie pop pays homage to classics from the '70s through the '90s while recreating a feeling on the verge of musical extinction.

Not all of it is quite up my alley as there are strong inclinations towards over-famed pop beginnings like the debut single Out on a Limb, but then other songs like today's feature balance it all out. The Writing on the Wall is a darker track, but I think it accurately represents the album's corners.

The pop influence is still there, but it's backed with guitar melodies and their contrast against the vocals. The song ties together with dark synths and well placed guitar solos. In just over four minutes, you get an entire feeling. Not the brightest the album has to offer, but a lasting one regardless.

The rest of From Now On juggles the listener's emotions well. Much like The Writing on the Wall, the album carries you right through the mood. There's no dead or loose ends, by the time it finishes it feels complete. The beauty of it is the style in which it completes itself.


I almost shunned this release because I thought it'd get lost in the crowd. Most everyone who tries to go after this genre just imitates and recreates what's already been done. What we get here is something new. There's traces of influence, but the sound is genuine.

Give the stream its opportunity, all you need to hear are the first two songs. If you like them, keep listening, the album was made for you. If you're so-so about it, give the album a download and watch it grow on you. It's a name your price release, so grab it for free if you're unsure and spend a few dollars if you can afford it. Once you dig it, share it, and follow Azwel's future endeavors on Facebook and Twitter.

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